Thursday, March 25, 2010

CostumeWorks is looking for a ROCKSTAR Web Developer!

CostumeWorks is looking for a result-oriented, "rock star" programmer to join the company in the key role as our Sr. Web Developer as the company continues development and work to redefine our industry. The performance of the Sr. Web Developer will be critical in our success, and as such, will be compensated with an early stake position in the company. Compensation will be equity based initially, but will grow into a salaried role as we secure additional funding.

This role will be taking over for a previous development agency, so the Sr. Web Developer needs to be well versed in HTML, MySql, PHP and/or Java and be able to work quickly to get up to speed and take ownership of the existing codebase and site architecture. We are currently headquartered in the Chicago-land area with an office in San Francisco, but remote office/telecommuting is acceptable depending on the experience of the candidate. This position will report to the Vice President and co-Founder located in San Francisco.

The complete job description is available online at

Please pass this onto anyone you think may be interested. If you think you are the right fit, and are interested in working in a fun, creative environment, we would love to hear from you. Please send a resume and cover letter to
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

From our partner, Camp Rainbow Gold. Sign up and learn more about their Relay for Life Event. Camp Rainbow Gold is run by great people and manages programs benefiting children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

More information is available at:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Orleans Mardi Gras this Tuesday February 16

Mardi Gras , or "Fat Tuesday" in French, is the celebration beginning after the Christian feast day of  Epiphany and running up to the first day of Lent.  Fat Tuesday refers to the practice eating fatty foods on the last day of festival - the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday- in preparation for the ritual fasting of Lent.  Per the New Orleans tradition, it apparently also refers to drinking a lot of Hurricanes (recipe here).  In the street.  While people beg, scream, and plead for beads.  And others expose themselves.  Um, it's a good time.

While New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama host the two best known Mardi Gras celebrations in the US, it seems like more and more cities are hosting parades and parties.  Just Google Mardi Gras and your city to find local celebrations.  And before you head down to NOLA, Mobile, or your local festival, make sure to get your costumes, party decorations, and of course, beads.

Below are a video and recent pictures from Mardi Gras 2010.  Enjoy!

VIDEO:  The Krewe of Tchefuncte

PHOTOS: Flickr Pics from NOLA Madi Gras 2010


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zombies Rule! How To Make a Zombie Costume Part 6: Stitches

Welcome to the sixth installment of How To Make a Zombie Costume.  You applied the liquid latex, white face paint, depth to your zombie face, and rotting flesh.  How about some stitches for those open wounds?

Let's here it for Matt Cail and Expert Village.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Zombies Rule! How To Make a Zombie Costume Part 5: Blood

Welcome to the fifth installment of How To Make a Zombie Costume.  You applied the liquid latex, white face paint, depth to your zombie face, and rotting flesh.  Is your zombie a new edition to the walking dead?  If so, some fresh blood might be in order.  It provides a nice contrast with more subtle make-up.  And it just looks kind of cool!

Use the red in your makeup kit or some nice, old fashioned fake blood. If you feel adventurous, and you have the time, you can make your own as well using corn syrup and food coloring (see below).

Quick Fake Blood Recipe:

Reminder: Fake blood can stain. You are zombie, so staining your clothes should be the last thing on what's left of your mind. But avoid getting the fake blood on your clothes if you happen to be one of those more vain zombies who are concerned with fashion and cleanliness.

* White Corn Syrup or Karo Syrup (found in grocery stores)
* Food coloring (red, blue, yellow)
* Peanut butter (do NOT use if you have nut allergies)

1. Add the red food coloring to the amount of syrup you decide to use. Mix well to get the color you want, adding red, blue, and yellow food coloring until you get the color you want.
2. For thinner blood, add water.
3. For thicker blood, add a small amount of smooth peanut butter

When applying the blood allow it to drip and then dry completely to provide a natural look. To remove, scrub gently with warm water and soap.

Zombies Rule! How To Make a Zombie Costume Part 4: Add Rotting Flesh

Welcome to the fourth installment of How To Make a Zombie Costume.  You applied the liquid latex, white face paint, and highlights to your zombie face.  Maybe your zombie's face is rotting

Thank as always to Matt Cail:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zombies Rule! How To Make a Zombie Costume Part 3: How to Apply Eye Makeup

Welcome to the third installment of How To Make a Zombie Costume.  After you have applied the liquid latex and white face paint, you want to add highlights to your zombie's eyes and face.

Again, to do it right, you will need the following :

1. Liquid Latex
2. Makeup Kit
3. White Face Cream
4. Paint brushes and makeup sponge (included in many makeup kits)

5. Some old clothes
6. The ability to moan and walk slowly with a limp

As always, from Matt Cail on behalf of Expert Village: