Monday, February 8, 2010

Zombies Rule! How To Make a Zombie Costume Part 5: Blood

Welcome to the fifth installment of How To Make a Zombie Costume.  You applied the liquid latex, white face paint, depth to your zombie face, and rotting flesh.  Is your zombie a new edition to the walking dead?  If so, some fresh blood might be in order.  It provides a nice contrast with more subtle make-up.  And it just looks kind of cool!

Use the red in your makeup kit or some nice, old fashioned fake blood. If you feel adventurous, and you have the time, you can make your own as well using corn syrup and food coloring (see below).

Quick Fake Blood Recipe:

Reminder: Fake blood can stain. You are zombie, so staining your clothes should be the last thing on what's left of your mind. But avoid getting the fake blood on your clothes if you happen to be one of those more vain zombies who are concerned with fashion and cleanliness.

* White Corn Syrup or Karo Syrup (found in grocery stores)
* Food coloring (red, blue, yellow)
* Peanut butter (do NOT use if you have nut allergies)

1. Add the red food coloring to the amount of syrup you decide to use. Mix well to get the color you want, adding red, blue, and yellow food coloring until you get the color you want.
2. For thinner blood, add water.
3. For thicker blood, add a small amount of smooth peanut butter

When applying the blood allow it to drip and then dry completely to provide a natural look. To remove, scrub gently with warm water and soap.

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